Did you get something for you mom for Mother’s Day? My mother had been looking for a simple, medium-sized crossbody bag for the longest time, so I just got her one, albeit a little bigger than what she wanted. She also wanted the bag to come with an external pocket at the back, but I couldn’t find one with that in time, sorry mom.

And then I chanced upon this good-looking Palette cross-body bag by Angela & Roi. How did this manage to escape my radar? This vegan leather handbag is actually perfect, size-wise and feature-wise (it has a little pocket at the back).  I love the Palette Wine cross-body!

This bag comes in many pretty colors. Each color represents support for different cause, e.g. blue for colon cancer, so when customers purchase a blue handbag, five dollars will automatically be donated to Colon Cancer Alliance.

angela-roi-vegan-leather-cross-body-handbag-colorsAngela & Roi Palette cross-body bag, $65, color + cause supported: Red (HIV/AIDS), Green (Anxiety/Depression), Light Brown (Cancer), Purple (Alzheimers), Black (Melanoma), Wine (AIDS/HIV), Orange (Kidney Disease), Blue (Colon Cancer).


They also have other types of bags, also in quality vegan leather, such as this square tote bag. The Square Plum Tote, $148, is another one that caught my attention.


Angela & Roi vegan leather square tote handbag, $148. Mandarin Orange (kidney disease), Navy (Colon Cancer), Wine (HIV AIDS), Plum (Alzheimers), Gray (diabetes), Dark Green ( Anxiety & Depression).

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Olsen Haus vegan high heel designer inspired shoesDelicious-looking vegan shoes from Olsen Haus. Made with linen, faux leather, faux suede and available in a variety of heel heights (flats, medium and high heels) and on-trend styles.  Walk this way for the Spring 2010 collection.

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September 27th, 2009

TOMS Wrap Boots

I would like to buy me some lady boots but I’ve always had a problem with them. My feet are small but my calves are huge! I always end up with one in a size too large, or those that cut around the biggest part of the calves.  These vegan-friendly wrap boots from TOMS seem to have a workaround (get it?) to this problem.
Vegan-friendly wrap boots with a cause from TOMS
Since you can control how you wrap the fabric around the calves,  they can accommodate any size calves, including my tree-trunk like ones. Not only that, with every pair of shoes you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need, so it seems like a win-win situation for all. (I can’t buy from site using my credit card but the boots can be bought from Amazon and some in the collection cost slightly cheaper there. )

If you have one of these, I am curious – does it look okay when wrapped loosely? So far I’ve only seen pictures of them worn bandage-snug. Please leave a comment!

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