marc jacobs dress 2013 resort

Things get a little fruity over at Marc Jacobs 2013 resort collection. Not sure if I love or hate it yet but I just can’t look away.

marc jacobs floral print dress resort 2013

Floral prints! Sparkling sequins! Patchwork! Over the top silhouettes!

marc jacobs resort 2013

Bold, bright colors with matching accessories.

marc jacobs resort 2013 collection

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Here are some gorgeous bags that caught my attention from Marc Jacobs 2010 Spring/Summer collection. I want that purple Bruna bag.

Marc Jacobs Bags Spring Summer 2010 collection

From Top to bottom: Bruna, Little Lola, Siri, Small Beatnik (blue), Casey, Peasant Pouch, Ew Tote, Small Beatnik (pink), Serge
Photos: Marc Jacobs

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