August 22nd, 2013

Tattly Temporary Tattoos

tattly temporary tattoo for kids adults

Love these cute, fun temporary tattoos from Tattly, a project by Swiss Miss. These fake tatts is one of those where you paste on your skin and wet the back.

tattly temporary tattoo kids adults zoo crew color tattoos

Love these whimsical, colorful designs. You can buy two pieces (of the same design) for $5 or a themed set of 8 for $15.

tattly designy temporary tattoos watch tattoo

Tattoo sets from above: Monster, Zoo Crew, Watch, Party, Premier.

tattly temporary kids tattoos children party cupcake balloons tattoo

tattly temporary tattoos adult kids colorful

tattly temporary tattoos wedding diamond ring tattoo

Diamonds. Adore her pink nails. Sorry got distracted.

tattly temporary tattoo black typography

Colored ones not for you? How about these black and white/typographic types? Makers Gonna Make, Happy Hour and Feather.

tattly temporary tattoos adult happy hour typography tattoo quote

tattly temporary tattoo feather

tattly temporary tattoos everything tattoo set

I think I could go crazy with Everything! But I have contact dermatitis and have to avoid all type of sticky things. Boo!

tattly temporary tattoo

tattly temporary tattoo kids adults carrot

Carrot. Definitely my favorite. Oh well, guess I have to stick to the real thing…

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halloween costumes for babies - eeyore

Aw, how adorable is this baby in an Eeyore costume?! Here are a couple more Halloween costumes for kids that caught my eye: firefighter and policeman

halloween costumes for kids - firefighter and policeman

…and cute Halloween costumes for babies: cheeky monkey, pink poodle, blue monster, red lobster, squiggly pig and cute lion.

halloween costumes for baby girls boys - animal and monster characters

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unique baby clothing gift bla bla - cool clothes for kids and babies

Loving these cool and unique gifts for kids and babies — including cute and kitschy knitted dolls, finger puppets, mobiles, hats, sweaters and more — from Blabla.

bla bla baby gift sets ideas - unique, cool toddler and kids clothing

The clothing range includes adorable printed tees and bags. They also have some pretty paper goods.

bla bla kids clothing - unique, cool toddler and kids clothing

Love these dolls — Mcnuttie the Squirrel (above) and Verdi the Monkey (below) — and the brown Charles Canvas Backpack.

cool baby gift sets bla bla - clothes and toys for kids and toddlers

Oh, and Clochette the Fairy too.

designer baby gift sets bla bla - soft toys, cloths for girls, boys and babies

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