Why are you doing this to me, Muji 2014 catalog? I just spent a week envisioning how my imaginary home would look like with items from the new IKEA catalog items… and now I need to re-imagine everything to look like this instead! So tiring!

By the way, I tried this exact grey beige recliner sofa at the Muji store and it was so comfortable. I’m lusting over the 2-seater version, is it good?  I’m also loving the “living dining” table and chair concept. The table is lower than the usual dining table to comfortably match the height of sofa chair. Ah, just imagine relaxing while sipping a nice cup of coffee here…


muji-ash-dining-table-800 muji-furniture-ash-dining-table-chair-800
muji-home-decor-interior-organization-shelf-800 muji-laundry-area-organization-calm-palette-800 muji-potted-plants-stainless-steel-shelf-planter-800 muji-shelf-combination-kids-room-800 muji-stacking-shelf-combination-steps-for-cats-800 muji-wooden-shelf-combination-800 muji-wooden-shelf-unit-kitchen-800

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uchu wagashi kyoto monogatari japanese gifts food candy

Lovely tea time treats by Uchu Wagashi, hand-made in Kyoto, Japan.  Wagashi are traditional Japanese confectionary, usually exquisitely presented and served with matcha tea. The Kyoto Monogatari set (Kyoto Story) shows familiar sights and landmarks in Kyoto such as Kiyomizu Temple, Heian Shrine, Kyoto Tower, Mt. Daimonji, Kamo River.

japanese sweets gift uchu wagashi kyoto japan

Love the fresh pastel palette! These make delightful gifts or souvenirs of your trip.

uchu wagashi kyoto sweets

uchu wagashi kyoto japan animal shaped chai vanilla cocoa tea flavor japanese candy gifts

The cute animal shaped ones (in hedgehog, hippopotamus, sea lions, elephant, pig, sheep, horse, polar bear) comes in vanilla and chocolate. Also available is Chai flavored ochobo.

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grace kelly wedding barbie doll

The latest line-up from Barbie Collector doll series released by Mattel recently includes the likeness of Grace Kelly in her iconic wedding dress.

“The Grace Kelly bride doll wears a long-sleeve lace wedding gown reminiscent of the one the princess wore. This Barbie, which arrived in stores Friday, also dons a delicate headpiece and veil, and holds a bouquet of white flowers and a prayer book, as Kelly did when she exchanged vows with Prince Rainier III in 1956.” WWD

grace kelly barbie doll

Another doll part of Grace Kelly – The Romance™ series — blue chiffon dress with flowing scarf from the 1955 Hitchcock movie, “To Catch A Thief”.

grace kelly barbie

“The Romance doll will make its debut in October wearing a black floral dress, a matching headpiece, white gloves and a string of pearls — an ensemble that replicates what the Philadelphia native was wearing when she met the prince at the Cannes Film Festival in 1955. That collectible will also have a second outfit — a white blouse, navy skirt and coat, a wide-brimmed hat, long gloves and a floral bouquet — essentially the same look Kelly sported when she arrived in the principality for her nuptials.” WWD

Some pretty illustrated Barbie 16-month 2012 calendars from the Fall 2011 catalog.

barbie 2012 calendar
barbie calendar 2012

Also from the same catalog, a replica of Farrah Fawcett in her red swimsuit, inspired by the best-selling 1976 poster. What a doll!

farrah fawcett barbie doll

Speaking of dolls, Nicki Minaj looked like she got her hands on the entire Murakami plush section of Toys “R” Us at the 2011 MTV VMAs recently. Her outfit was designed by Tokyo-based artist Shojono Tomo and was clearly inspired by the Decora girls of Harajuku, Japan.

nicki minaj mtv vma 2011 - Nicki's crazy cute outfit at the MTV Video Music Awards

What do you think? I’ll take soft toys over meat any day. :)

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