Chinese opera theatrics gone Avant Garde is one way to describe Guo Pei’s collection. The fashion designer from China presents an interesting mix of colors, textures and silhouettes resulting in a slightly weird but wonderfully beautiful collection.
Guo Pei fashion designer from China displayed his creation at a Fashion Week

Some has seen a parallel to Alexander McQueen. It is in the shoes?

Guo Pei sky high heel shoes to rival Alexander McQueen's hoof boots

I suppose, if your name is Lady Gaga, you’d be inclined to wear one of these sky high clogs of art medieval torture device.

High heel boots with fantastic cut out detail from Guo Pei of china
So, are you ready for Guo Pei?
Guo Pei Chinese avant garde haute couture fashion designer

Update: Found more pictures from her Rose Studio collection. Lampshade + gift ribbon = cute dress. Whodathunkit?

Guo Pei Rose Studio women's fashion collection gold lampshade dress

Guo Pei Rosestudio China high fashion ladies wear

A structured gold dress fit for Queen. Queen Nefertiti, that is.

Queen Nefertiti gold wedding dress? Rose Studio high fashion gown by Guo Pei

A wedding dress for a modern day Victorian Princess.

Rose Studio by Guo Pei - ballgown wedding dress and parasol

More fantastical creations here (in Chinese).

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