jill stuart patisserie limited edition makeup fall 2012

Jill Stuart Patisserie 2012 is a limited edition collection of prettily packaged makeup for the lips, eyes, cheeks and nails. The packaging, colors and product names are inspired by pastry shops. “Only girls know the joy of trying to choose something… Enjoy makeup in the same way you enjoy a delicious selection of treats!”

Nail Lacquer N in 5 colors — Condensed Milk (shown below), Marron Cappuccino, Maple Chai, Strawberry Macchiato, Fruity Cocoa; Blush Mix in 2 palettes — Fig Tart, Berry Tiramisu (shown); Sugar Glitter Eyes in 5 colors – Caramelized Sugar, Vanilla Sugar, Rose Sugar, Honey Sugar, Framboise Sugar (swatches, from left to right).

jill stuart patisserie makeup collection 2012 limited edition

I got the Custard Lip pot (so pretty!) in Orange Custard (center color, below). It has a gentle, sweet smell (not really custardy) and comes in a “semi-matte finish”. I was hoping that the color would look as pigmented and matte as the model in the picture but it turned somewhat sheer and lip-balm-ish in texture. Upon layering it looks a bit too neon bright against my tanned skin, but as a base for slightly darker lipsticks, it works great.

jill stuart patisserie collection custard lip pot orange cherry almond chocolate apple

Custard Lip pots are available in Orange Custard , Cherry Custard , Almond Custard, Chocolate Custard and Apple Custard.

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lovely camera straps for women

Pretty camera straps for women and girly girl photographers. Now why didn’t anyone come up with these earlier! Luckily, the folks at Bloom Theory did. And boy, the boring old cam strap never looked this lovely. Check out Petite Chérie, above, featuring a mustard-colored linen bow. Isn’t it adorable!

camera straps for women bloom theory - comes in colorful mint green, pink, yellow, baby blue + bows

From top, left to right: Ballet by Degas (mint tulle, I die!), Bohemian Belle, You Are My Sunshine, All About The Beaus (my fav, love the sweet little bow) and Vanilla Skies.

bloom theory camera straps - pretty frilly strap for women

Washed Ashore, “inspired by Grecian goddesses and Odysseus’ mermaids”.

camera straps for women

You work it, girl! If your camera strap looks like a cute fashion accessory, you’d be striking poses with a camera on your neck too instead of asking someone to hold your DSLR for you while you have your picture taken. L-R: Wild Flower, Moonshine.

pretty camera straps for women

Ready for my close-up… This one — Ocean Mist — looks like it is part of the outfit! Now we just need the camera to match the color of the dress.

pink camera strap, pretty white ruffle straps for girly, women photographers

Pretty pink and frilly cream camera straps, yes, yes, yes — Après Moi Le Déluge, Bohemian Belle, Wild Flower and Tea Party.

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rochas resort 2012

The outfits from Rochas 2012 resort collection channel an awkward, gangly schoolgirl kind of cute and I just can’t seem to look away.

rochas resort 2012 collection
rochas 2012 resort collection fashion

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