Create your very own seasonal mini diorama with Qualy Four Seasons seasoning shaker set.  Thailand-based design house Qualy created these absolutely adorable condiment shakers that would add a little flavor to your dining table. Welcome spring with herbs such as oregano or basil in the blossoming plant shaker, spice up summer with white pepper or curry powder in the cactus shaker, depict fallen autumn leaves with paprika flakes in the deciduous tree shaker or have a tiny Christmas winter wonderland with salt or sugar with the fir tree shaker.


qualy four seasons spice condiments shakers

Also available are these Animal Parade salt, pepper and spice shakers featuring a rabbit, camel, reindeer and polar bear. So cute!qualy animal parade spice condiments shakers

From Qualy design.

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octopus sea otter creature fancy cup
Creature Cups are a fun addition to have at your coffee table. Offer your friends coffee in one of these cups and they will be presented with a surprise as they begin to finish their drink — an unexpected creature lurks at the bottom of  each cup. The bottom dwellers include a googly-eyed octopus with outstretched tentacles, a menacing crocodile, a lobster with large, snap-happy claws and a sea otter holding a fish. Each of these creatures adds a playful, decorative element to an otherwise regular coffee cup. You probably should give a little warning before handing someone freshly brewed beverage in these cups or they might end up in a startled, hot mess!


crocodile lobster creature fancy cup
Visit Creatures Cup for more info.
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Handmade Tote Fabric Bag

20 minutes is s exactly how it fast it takes to make these adorable multicolor tote bags. That’s like as much time I take to shower. PurlBee shows us on their website how this handy bag can be assembled in just less than half an hour using bright and colorful fabric from Echino Ni-Co collection. Great as a personalized shopping bag!

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