Osmo is an iPad gaming accessory that lets you interact with real people and objects as part of the game play. The system consists of  reflector that snaps over your device’s camera and a base (that works with iPad mini and iPad 2), and games which are available through the AppStore. This system turns any surface in front of the device into a playing field. There are three games currently available: Tangram, where youhave to arrange puzzle pieces to match what’s shown on screen, Words, a guess-and-spell game using real-life letters, and Newton. osmo-words-ipad-educational-game-for-children

The most intriguing one is Newton, as this game requires you to draw or use real objects to guide falling balls towards their targeted zones. Sounds like fun for the whole family! Pre-order Osmo here.osmo-newton-ipad-game-accessory-for-kids

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uchu wagashi kyoto monogatari japanese gifts food candy

Lovely tea time treats by Uchu Wagashi, hand-made in Kyoto, Japan.  Wagashi are traditional Japanese confectionary, usually exquisitely presented and served with matcha tea. The Kyoto Monogatari set (Kyoto Story) shows familiar sights and landmarks in Kyoto such as Kiyomizu Temple, Heian Shrine, Kyoto Tower, Mt. Daimonji, Kamo River.

japanese sweets gift uchu wagashi kyoto japan

Love the fresh pastel palette! These make delightful gifts or souvenirs of your trip.

uchu wagashi kyoto sweets

uchu wagashi kyoto japan animal shaped chai vanilla cocoa tea flavor japanese candy gifts

The cute animal shaped ones (in hedgehog, hippopotamus, sea lions, elephant, pig, sheep, horse, polar bear) comes in vanilla and chocolate. Also available is Chai flavored ochobo.

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colorful lace dish towels or tea towel

These lovely dishtowels from Anthropologie will certainly jazz up any kitchen and make drying up dishes a handsome affair. I love the colorful Lacy Jacquard, with needlework patterns woven into a set of three scallop-edged towel.

embroidered designer dish towels

Deliciousness which features a cake design (who doesn’t love cake? Not me!).

anthropologie dish towels newlyweds gifts

This one will make a cute gift for newlyweds — Storybook Romance dishtowel trio. The whimsical embroidered illustrations say: “They fell in love”,  ”They got married” and “They lived happily ever after”. Aaaw….

anthropologie dishtowels

Chirps & Chats tea towel featuring embroidered and appliqued wrens and doves sip from a dainty tea service, set against printed cotton.

dishtowel illustrated dish cloth tea towels

Engraved Warbler dish towel.

colorful dish towel cloths

Another bird-lovers delight — Wild Parrot dish towel.

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