Osmo is an iPad gaming accessory that lets you interact with real people and objects as part of the game play. The system consists of  reflector that snaps over your device’s camera and a base (that works with iPad mini and iPad 2), and games which are available through the AppStore. This system turns any surface in front of the device into a playing field. There are three games currently available: Tangram, where youhave to arrange puzzle pieces to match what’s shown on screen, Words, a guess-and-spell game using real-life letters, and Newton. osmo-words-ipad-educational-game-for-children

The most intriguing one is Newton, as this game requires you to draw or use real objects to guide falling balls towards their targeted zones. Sounds like fun for the whole family! Pre-order Osmo here.osmo-newton-ipad-game-accessory-for-kids

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October 3rd, 2009

Folksy Fun
Alexander Girard

Loving these objects from House Industries inspired by or based on the works of reknowned textile designer Alexander Girard. While working in Herman Miller in the 50s to 70s, Girard designed fabrics for the likes of Ray and Charles Eames. He had a great interest in folk art and colorful, exotic designs from around the world.

Wooden nativity set and memory card game - Alexander Girard House Industries

Aptly, folksy elements in bright palettes are featured heavily in these collections. Top: solid maple nativity set (currently sold out) based on a Girard illustration; below: basswood memory game.

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