Why are you doing this to me, Muji 2014 catalog? I just spent a week envisioning how my imaginary home would look like with items from the new IKEA catalog items… and now I need to re-imagine everything to look like this instead! So tiring!

By the way, I tried this exact grey beige recliner sofa at the Muji store and it was so comfortable. I’m lusting over the 2-seater version, is it good?  I’m also loving the “living dining” table and chair concept. The table is lower than the usual dining table to comfortably match the height of sofa chair. Ah, just imagine relaxing while sipping a nice cup of coffee here…


muji-ash-dining-table-800 muji-furniture-ash-dining-table-chair-800
muji-home-decor-interior-organization-shelf-800 muji-laundry-area-organization-calm-palette-800 muji-potted-plants-stainless-steel-shelf-planter-800 muji-shelf-combination-kids-room-800 muji-stacking-shelf-combination-steps-for-cats-800 muji-wooden-shelf-combination-800 muji-wooden-shelf-unit-kitchen-800

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flur chair foldable space saving folding seats

The Flux chair is an award-winning chair crafted from  sustainable polypropylene. Out of the box, it looks like a giant envelope (shown below, mounted). With the help of a few nifty scores and cuts, this unassuming piece of plastic transforms into a designer chair.  At 89 euros a pop, it’s not the cheapest folding chair on the market, but this one’s really portable and its origami- inspired design makes for a good conversation topic. Plus don’t you just the space-saving design? Each wall mount can carry up to 6 chairs.flux chair folding chair flat pack wall mounted

Flux chair comes in a range of colors. The cushion is sold separately. They also have a range for kids called Flux Junior.

flux chair colorful folding chair cushion

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Modular Loft Bed by Casa Kids, designed by Roberto Gil

Stylish modular loft bed by Casa Kids, designed by Roberto Gil. It features hanging closet, adjustable shelves, hamper, drawer, adjustable desk, bookshelves and ladder. The storage components, desk and bed can be used separately. In baltic birch plywood.

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