Cat in a cardboard box stealing coin bank (Itazura Stealing Coin Cat Brown Chatora Kitty Coin Bank)

This is an Itazura cat in a box coin bank. You put a coin on the little white plate outside the cardboard box and then a sneaky little kitten will stick its tiny paw out and steal your coin. It sounds weird and annoying but oh-so-cute! I love the Chatora (ginger tabby) version above.

Watch the cuteness in action:

Itazura Chihuahua coin bank showing the puppy dog stealing a coin placed outside the banana box

The money-grabbing pet substitute also comes in brown and cream Chihuahua puppy dog and white American shorthair kitty versions. So kawaii!

Itazura Cat in a box Coin Bank - cute white American Shorthair kitty hiding in a box michievously stealing coins you put in a fish plate

Available at Strapya World or you can buy from Amazon here:

Itazura Stealing Coin Dog Chihuahua Puppy Coin Bank
Itazura Stealing Coin Cat Brown Chatora Kitty Coin Bank

Itazura cute stealing coin dog in box cream chihuahua puppy coin bank

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March 18th, 2008


Handsome photo album and coin bank from Umbra U+ collection.

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