octopus sea otter creature fancy cup
Creature Cups are a fun addition to have at your coffee table. Offer your friends coffee in one of these cups and they will be presented with a surprise as they begin to finish their drink — an unexpected creature lurks at the bottom of  each cup. The bottom dwellers include a googly-eyed octopus with outstretched tentacles, a menacing crocodile, a lobster with large, snap-happy claws and a sea otter holding a fish. Each of these creatures adds a playful, decorative element to an otherwise regular coffee cup. You probably should give a little warning before handing someone freshly brewed beverage in these cups or they might end up in a startled, hot mess!


crocodile lobster creature fancy cup
Visit Creatures Cup for more info.
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January 21st, 2010

Because You Are My Angel

Start your day a little brighter with these cute putto espresso cups with angel wings as handles from Page One.

Putto espresso cup with angle wings
Putto Angle Wings Espresso Cups

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Iittala taika espresso cups

Taika means ‘magic’ in Finnish and I have indeed come under the spell of these lovely owl teacups designed by Klaus Haapaniemi. Especially love the black and white one. From Iittala.com.

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