Cat in a cardboard box stealing coin bank (Itazura Stealing Coin Cat Brown Chatora Kitty Coin Bank)

This is an Itazura cat in a box coin bank. You put a coin on the little white plate outside the cardboard box and then a sneaky little kitten will stick its tiny paw out and steal your coin. It sounds weird and annoying but oh-so-cute! I love the Chatora (ginger tabby) version above.

Watch the cuteness in action:

Itazura Chihuahua coin bank showing the puppy dog stealing a coin placed outside the banana box

The money-grabbing pet substitute also comes in brown and cream Chihuahua puppy dog and white American shorthair kitty versions. So kawaii!

Itazura Cat in a box Coin Bank - cute white American Shorthair kitty hiding in a box michievously stealing coins you put in a fish plate

Available at Strapya World or you can buy from Amazon here:

Itazura Stealing Coin Dog Chihuahua Puppy Coin Bank
Itazura Stealing Coin Cat Brown Chatora Kitty Coin Bank

Itazura cute stealing coin dog in box cream chihuahua puppy coin bank

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Cat Priem Trophies of a Serial Killer jewelry for cats

“He’s a ruthless killer. He eats mice and birds for breakfast. In fact, he likes to toy with them before delivering the final blow. But at home he is the entire family’s darling who loves to play with children.” Sounds familiar?

Cat Priem celebrates the domestic cat’s paradoxical image with a line of jewellery called “Trophies of a Serial Killer”. These pieces may look pretty from a distance, but upon closer inspection, the gruesome details of the poor creatures that have fallen prey to this sophisticated killer are revealed. I can hear my cats are rubbing their paws in glee.

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Shhh! They don’t know it yet, but I am dumping my moggies for a chi-chi french poodle to match the red Hermes Kelly(or Birkin?)-inspired pet carrier from Cece Kent!

Okay, just kidding!!! :D

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