Help! It’s been a few months now and I still can’t get my mind off these pretty pastel clutch bags from Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2014 ready-to-wear collection. I especially love the ombre ones!

From top: The Petal clutch bag, in embossed dégradé  leather, shown in White/Pale Grape, White/Light Mint, White/Bright Lemon. . The Petal in sheer vinyl with flowers, shown in Pale Lilac, Pale Cameo Pink and Light Turquoise. $1250, comes with a slim shoulder strap.


I made the mistake of clicking the “Recommended Products” link…. and now I need the cashmere knit cardigan, double angora and wool shell coat and an English lace trench coat, in pale lavender please.


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(Christmas Tree with Luxury Gifts) Christmas gifts shopping ideas: luxury designer brand edition

A Christmas tree filled with some of the most luxurious presents money can buy? Sounds deliciously decadent doesn’t it? Here is one I thought up, bearing a selection of luxury Christmas gift ideas ranging from the cool and cute to the timelessly stylish. Note that in real life make-up sets and chocolates in pretty packaging make me enormously happy but if you’ve got money to burn this Xmas, you are more than welcome to get me one (or more) of these:

From top, left to right: Hermès Pilotari silk twill scarf $410;

Alexander McQueen leather tassel skull key rings $310 each, Oscar de la Renta enamel painter flower necklace $995, Alexander Wang leather bear with shearling chest $225;

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline eau de parfum spray, Cartier art deco Panthère foutain pen, Chanel perfume bottle shaped evening bag with interlaced chain, Louis Vuitton Tapage bag charm $440;

Louis Vuitton Monogram Map square silk twill scarf $460, Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia collection $100, Miu Miu matelassé top handle handbag $1750,

Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger Croisillon bracelet. $30,000, Oscar de la Renta champagne Crown Goa clutch $2250.

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ostrich pillow by studio banana things

 The Ostrich Pillow by Kawamura Ganjavian for Studio Banana Things is an oddly shaped pillow which you wear like a helmet,  designed to allow you to “create a little private space within a public one”. The pillow has a hole at the front for your nose and mouth and two opening at the sides for when you want to sleep at your desk, as pictured below.

ostrich pillow studio banana things

This is the perfect companion for a 15 minute power nap at work.

ostrich pillow sleeping desk studio banana things

Now this is the way to sleep in airports — in your own cushioned comfort, looking like a mutant cousin of the Teletubbies.

ostrich pillow sleeping airport studio banana things

I can’t sleep without pillows covering my both eyes and ears (because of the monsters in my room, don’t judge me) so I would totally buy this, if not for the $99 price tag. ;(

ostrich pillow how to sleep airports peacefully

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