liz lisa dress - Spring 2011 french bohemian collection

Liz Lisa Spring 2011 collection “French Bohemian” is super adorable!

Liz lisa dress spring 2011
Lots of lovely floral print dresses and overalls, flowy tops, thigh high suede boots and wide brim and boater hats in this collection.

liz lisa kawaii fashion

Pretty, romantic setting for the photo shoot.

liz lisa boots, can can boater hat, romantic fashion

Cute! Cute! Cute!

liz lisa clothing


liz lisa spring 2011 collection

liz lisa spring 2011 french bohemian

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Whipple miniature fake food whipped cream decoration play kit

Adorable dessert decorating kit by Whipple, consisting of icing and an assortment of plain cakes, cookies and donuts, pie crusts, choux pastry shells and ice-cream cones.

Epoch Whipple fake ice cream, pie, pastry, cake and other desserts

“So you pipe the fake whipped cream thingy onto these fake ice cream cone thingy? That’s it? Who’d buy that?”

“Me!” :D

Epoch Whipple miniature fake food whipped cream decoration play kit  - ice cream, pie, pastry, cake and other desserts galore

Would make a cute gift for a little (or not so little) pastry designer, don’t you think?

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A Korean design studio LufDesign come out with the idea of combining a dustpan and a dustbin into one hybrid product. It’s imaginatively named DustPan+Bin. By simply turning the contraption 90 degrees, the dust pan is converted into a dust bin and vice versa.

Ludesign korea Dustpan+BinLudesign korea Dustpan and dustbin 2 in 1 product design

While it’s an interesting concept, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Turning the trash can while its filled with rubbish might cause the contents to fall out. Furthermore, the ramp edge has a sudden high incline and not made levelled to the floor so sweeping smaller junk into the pan looks like a challenging task.

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