vitra eames elephant stool white

Elephants, don’t we all love ‘em!? Here’s one way to introduce a little jumbo cuteness into your house  – the Eames Elephant, designed by Charles and Ray Eames and produced by Vitra. Equally adorable in kid’s bedroom or as a friendly companion in the living room, the polypropylene stool comes in white, ice grey, red, pink and lime.

vitra eames elephant stool chair colors ice grey red light pink dark lime by charles ray eames

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pop chart lab illustrated alphabet of typography illustration

Love these illustrated charts from Pop Chart Lab. Each poster is signed and numbered by the artists and printed on archival stock. Alphabet of Typography… handy for a graphic designer.

pop chart lab illustrated varieties of fruits illustration

I so need The Various Varieties of Fruits because of … reasons. Strong reasons. . Over 300 fruits illustrated, and yes there’s a durian somewhere.

pop chart lab illustrated varieties of vegetables illustration

The Various Varieties of Vegetables features over 400  crops. From “root veg like potatoes and the prairie turnip to lesser-known verified veggies like courgette flowers and the ghostbuster eggplant”.

pop chart lab illustrated cartography of kitchenware illustration

The Cartography of Kitchenware.

pop chart lab illustrated illustrious omnibus of superpowers heroes villains beasts

Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers #2  lists the special powers of over 300 heroes, anti-heroes, villains, and beasts.

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flur chair foldable space saving folding seats

The Flux chair is an award-winning chair crafted from  sustainable polypropylene. Out of the box, it looks like a giant envelope (shown below, mounted). With the help of a few nifty scores and cuts, this unassuming piece of plastic transforms into a designer chair.  At 89 euros a pop, it’s not the cheapest folding chair on the market, but this one’s really portable and its origami- inspired design makes for a good conversation topic. Plus don’t you just the space-saving design? Each wall mount can carry up to 6 chairs.flux chair folding chair flat pack wall mounted

Flux chair comes in a range of colors. The cushion is sold separately. They also have a range for kids called Flux Junior.

flux chair colorful folding chair cushion

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