pop chart lab illustrated alphabet of typography illustration

Love these illustrated charts from Pop Chart Lab. Each poster is signed and numbered by the artists and printed on archival stock. Alphabet of Typography… handy for a graphic designer.

pop chart lab illustrated varieties of fruits illustration

I so need The Various Varieties of Fruits because of … reasons. Strong reasons. . Over 300 fruits illustrated, and yes there’s a durian somewhere.

pop chart lab illustrated varieties of vegetables illustration

The Various Varieties of Vegetables features over 400  crops. From “root veg like potatoes and the prairie turnip to lesser-known verified veggies like courgette flowers and the ghostbuster eggplant”.

pop chart lab illustrated cartography of kitchenware illustration

The Cartography of Kitchenware.

pop chart lab illustrated illustrious omnibus of superpowers heroes villains beasts

Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers #2  lists the special powers of over 300 heroes, anti-heroes, villains, and beasts.

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ostrich pillow by studio banana things

 The Ostrich Pillow by Kawamura Ganjavian for Studio Banana Things is an oddly shaped pillow which you wear like a helmet,  designed to allow you to “create a little private space within a public one”. The pillow has a hole at the front for your nose and mouth and two opening at the sides for when you want to sleep at your desk, as pictured below.

ostrich pillow studio banana things

This is the perfect companion for a 15 minute power nap at work.

ostrich pillow sleeping desk studio banana things

Now this is the way to sleep in airports — in your own cushioned comfort, looking like a mutant cousin of the Teletubbies.

ostrich pillow sleeping airport studio banana things

I can’t sleep without pillows covering my both eyes and ears (because of the monsters in my room, don’t judge me) so I would totally buy this, if not for the $99 price tag. ;(

ostrich pillow how to sleep airports peacefully

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affordable 3d printer buccaneer pirate3d

Topping the list of things I don’t need but do want this Christmas is The Buccaneer by Pirate3D. Priced at $347, it is the world’s most affordable, user-friendly consumer 3D printer. The company already has a $700,000 funding through their Kickstarter page and their earliest backers will be able to get their hands on the first batch of these compact beasts in December 2013.

pirate3d buccaneer affordable consumer 3d printer

PLA filament cartridge loads at the top. The cartridge cost $12 per 300 gram roll  ($10 for backers at their Kickstarter page). You can create your own toys, cutlery (the PLA plastic is food safe), accessories and more. A boon for people working on prototypes and small-run projects.

affordable 3d printer buccaneer pirate3d pla filament cartridge

Also a plus — small footprint and sleek minimal design.

pirate3d buccaneer affordable consumer home 3d printer small footprint


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