vespa retro vintage radio alarm clock

Anyone who loves retro stuff would be tempted by these products inspired by Vespa, the Italian scooter brand that made its first appearance in 1946. Vespa’s iconic bike has remain popular till today and even has its own cult following.

Even if you don’t own one of its famous scooter, you would find the chic vintage charm of these products hard to resist. Above, an alarm clock radio inspired by the typical shape of the most well known Vespa speedometers, comprises an AM/FM radio. The radio alarm clock function with snooze/radio settings. Or how about a table lamp (below) with a lamp head that resembles the headlight of the Vespa “98″ (year 1946)?

vespa table lamp headlamp alarm clock

Above, a mini alarm clock that is reminiscent of the head lamp used in ’125′ Vespa.  Available in 3 colors – black, white and pastel green.

Vespa mini table alarm clock available at amazon

Source: Forme

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