iamplus foto sosho iphone 4 accessories camera gold

Launched on 6th December 2012 in London by American singer/songwriter will.i.am and available now exclusively at Selfridges, the i.am+ foto.sosho, is not just another stylish looking iPhone accessory — it turns your iPhone into a point and shoot camera with social functionality. The handsomely designed iPhone case on steroids comes with a few interchangeable lenses  – a 0.67 wide macro, 0.28x fish-eye and a standard lens — and a built-in flash.  A photo editing software with various filters to beautify your photographs and built-in social network connectivity for easy sharing of your photos via social network complete the package.

In an interview with Sharif Sakr of Engadget, i.am+ CEO, Chandra Rathakrishnan, the former CEO of Fusion Garage, called it a fashion accessory that “intersects with technology” and allows you to look cool and feel good using it. There are currently 4 different models that are compatible with iPhone 4/4s. The more expensive V.4 model retails at £299 and comes with a slide-out keyboard for easy entering of text.

i.am+foto.sosho for iPhone 4/4S, from top: “vintage look” V.4 in White/Gold and Black/Silver; “modern look” C.4 in White and Black.

iamplus foto sosho black silver iphone 4 4s accessories cameraiamplus foto sosho white iphone 4 4s accessories cameraiamplus foto sosho black iphone 4 4s accessories camera

Coming in the 1st quarter of 2013 is the iPhone 5 version, which has its very own built-in 14 megapixel camera sensor, much bigger than that of iPhone 5′s 8 megapixel camera. Coupled with a 5x zoom lens and interchangeable lenses, this definitely seems more like a proper enhancement than just a plastic makeover. Below, a peek at the foto.sosho V.5 that emulates a classic camera body.

iamplus foto sosho silver brown iphone 5 accessories camera

In Will.i.am’s new music video, Scream & Shout featuring Britney Spears, we spot another 2 prototype models,  a bumblebee yellow+black model and one bearing what looks like Burberry’s tartan print.

iamplus foto sosho burberry tartan pattern iphone 5 accessories cameraiamplus foto sosho yellow iphone 5 accessories camera

On the outside, the i.am+foto.sosho sure looks pretty, but with a starting price of 199 British pounds for the basic C.4 model, one needs to think if all these enhancements are worth the heavy price tag, considering that you can easily get interchangeable lenses (albeit less good-looking ones) for the iPhone for less than 15 US dollars each at eBay. That said, this cases might be at the top of Christmas wishlists of the too-cool-for-school, Beats by Dr Dre headphone-wearing crowd.

Visit Selfridges & Co. for more details.

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