eco friendly cardboard radio

It looks like something that can be made in an arts & craft class but it is actually a working radio. Inspired by transistor radios of the 60s, this no frills receiver is simply constructed out of recycled cardboard housing made from more than 25% post-consumer waste, a speaker and a radio circuitry. Not even glue is used.

Called the Environmentally Sound radio and created by North Ireland designer Chris McNicholl, this world’s first made with cardboard radio is designed to be sold in flat-pack form and can be easily assembled by the user. It is hoped that the user will choose to recycle the material at the end of its product life, serving one of its primary purpose as an eco-friendly product.

environmentally sound cardboard radio

This device can also be used as a speaker for iPhones, other smart phones or any device that is capable of ouputting audio using 35mm audio jack.

assembling a cardboard radio


Environmentally Sound Cardboard Radio available at

For more info, visit Enviromentally Sound by Chris McNicholl

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