Fire in the hole! ……..KA-BLOOM!!! No, wait!  KA-BLOOM?!

kabloom plants flowers guerrilla gardening seedbom
This is no ordinary grenade — instead of blowing up and destroying things, this green grenade grows flowers. The “flower grenade” known as the Seedbom is designed by Darren Wilson for Kabloom. Made from locally reclaimed and recycled materials in the UK, it contains organic compost,  fertiliser, coir, and a lovely selection of flower seeds including Sunflower Incredible, Nasturtium Peach Melba and UK native wildflower and cornfield mix. Thrown into a wasteland, Seedboms will, under the right condition of sunlight, water and soil, start breaking down to release their seeds.

flower seedbom plants seed gardening

Seed bombing has been around for decades. Also known as seed balls or earth balls,  it is a way to sow crops in harsh habitats.

seedbom seed boom  seed balls  kabloom

kabloom gardening seedbom plants flowers seeds

The concept of compacting an explosive mix of wild flower and garden plant seeds into a little grenade-shaped recycled paper shell is embraced by the folks at Guerrilla Gardeners to add life and colors into derelict, lifeless places.

We shall not wilt. Let a thousand flowers bloom.

kabloom seedbom throw it grow it guerrilla gardening

Seedboms are only available in Europe at the time of this post. Visit Kabloom for more information.

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What a cool idea :) Love the play on words too hehe

ohsogirly  at 5:28 pm on May 26, 2012

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