moschino cheap and chic

Loving these bright, cheery outfits with trompe l’oeil detailing from Moschino Cheap and Chic Pre-Fall 2012 collection.

moschino cheap chic 2012

Who needs accessories when you can have them — buttons, ties, necklaces, even crossbody bags — painted directly onto your dresses?

moschino cheap chic pre fall 2012

I take that back — love the cute shoes and frilly quilted bag!

moschino pre fall 2012

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haute couture umbrellas parasolerie heurtault.

While the rest of the world braces for a white wintry spectacle, it’s been rain, rain and MORE rain all month long here. These pretty handmade couture umbrellas from Parasolerie Heurtault might just tempt someone into braving the gloomy weather. From top, Bagatelle embroidered parasol featuring a carved mahagony handle, Colette haute couture umbrella and Albert men’s brolly.

parasolerie heurtault umbrellas

Lace and frills — Ayako waterproof silk haute couture parasol,  La Parisienne frilly shade, Brighton black sunshade, Biarritz embroidered UV treated sun shade,  Grace haute couture umbrella in white taffetta white black Chantilly lace.

black white umbrellas - by parisian handmade parasol company, parasolerie heurtault

Garden Plissé umbrella with hypnotic pattern. Transparent brollies, Neptune, in black and stripes.

bridal parasol - black white umbrellas - byparasolerie heurtault

Bridal parasols (ombrelles mariage) — Isabelle, Longchamps, Morgane and Opera. More designs from Parasolerie Heurtault by Michel Heurtault here.

Ombrelles mariage
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