halloween costumes for babies - eeyore

Aw, how adorable is this baby in an Eeyore costume?! Here are a couple more Halloween costumes for kids that caught my eye: firefighter and policeman

halloween costumes for kids - firefighter and policeman

…and cute Halloween costumes for babies: cheeky monkey, pink poodle, blue monster, red lobster, squiggly pig and cute lion.

halloween costumes for baby girls boys - animal and monster characters

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What is it about kids and monkeys that are so adorable? Great picks and pics. LOL.

Tek Partner  at 10:44 pm on December 1, 2011
The comfort level of the child and girls should never be compromised. Make sure that the fancy dress costumes are ready a day in advance, so that the children can try them out before.

New Fancy dress costumes  at 5:51 am on August 27, 2012

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