rochas resort 2012

The outfits from Rochas 2012 resort collection¬†channel an awkward, gangly¬†schoolgirl kind of cute and I just can’t seem to look away.

rochas resort 2012 collection
rochas 2012 resort collection fashion

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baby ballet shoes starchild - pink toddle ballerina slippers with pink silk rosebud and satin ribbon.

Adorable baby booties and toddler shoes from Starchild. Love the girly ballerina shoe in baby pink with silk rosebud and satin ribbon and these cute animal themed ones, especially the sweet Hunny Bee design.

toddler shoes starchild - fun animal themed baby booties - tiger, hunny bee, rudolph reindeer, rabbit and carrot

baby shoes starchild - pirate, combat and animal print booties

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lela rose resort 2012

I like these pretty party frocks from Lela Rose Resort 2012 collection.

lela rose resort 2012 collection

Love that the retro circle skirts and dresses are styled with brogues for a little youthful quirkiness.

lela rose resort 2012 dresses

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