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Brinca Dada Emerson House - modern contemporary dollhouse

With the gift-giving season just around the corner, many will be on the lookout for unique and functional gifts for children. The Emerson House by brinca dāda is as much a gift for kids as it is for parents with discerning tastes. Beautifully made, it blends into most modern home settings. Add a couple of pieces from the Classic Contemporary furniture line and it will be hours of fun for imaginative young minds.

Emerson House

Emerson House Modern Dollhouse by Brinca Dada

Emerson House draws inspiration from Richard Neutra’s Desert House and A. Quincy Jones’ house for Gary Cooper. With seven rooms including a living room, kitchen, dinning room, library/office, master bedroom, bathroom and child’s bedroom, it features many distinguishing architectural features like glass corners, minimalist cut stone fireplace, scored hardwood floors and recessed LED lights powered by solar panels. Emerson House measures 18”x21”30” (H-W-L) and is built at 1:18 scale.

The house is easy on the environment with only non-toxic and lead-free wood stains and paints. It also recently won GREENretailer’s 2010 Eco-Choice Award for “Most Innovative” New Product.Emerson House by Brinca Dada - contemporary doll house with modern furniture, solar panels on the roof

Classic Contemporary Furniture

The Classic Contemporary furniture line from brinca dāda is the perfect complement to both Emerson House and Bennett House.

Classic Contemporary Furniture bedroom and bathroom set for modern dollhouses - the perfect complement for Emerson House and Bennet House

The line’s clean and sophisticated aesthetic mixes classic modern design with contemporary “in fashion” highlights. In the words of the designers, “The key was to work on every detail to add an extra dimension of authenticity to this dollhouse. We used American black walnut stain as a common thread, giving a contemporary feel to each room. We then added color as accents, but also as an attraction to children’s sensibilities.”Classic Contemporary Furniture for modern dollhouses showing miniature living room set, including mini TV, sofa, crib, chaise lounge, shelves

Classic Contemporary offers furnishings for seven rooms and is fashioned from high-quality woods and non-toxic, lead-free stains and paints.Modern Dollhouse kitchen and dining area Classic Contemporary Furniture - for Emerson and Bennett house

Visit brinca dāda for more information on Emerson House, Bennett House and the Classic Contemporary Furniture line.

Emerson House - modern eco-friendly dollhouse by brinca dāda, featuring  Classic Contemporary Furniture

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I´ve just found out your blog and t´s great. I´ll drop by here often :)

Rosa Navas  at 1:23 pm on December 16, 2010
I love modern furniture! Some very nice pieces pictured above.

tilakahuja  at 2:02 am on February 8, 2011
Thanks! I love mid-century modern and I'm very enthusiastic about helping other people learn too.

narinder  at 7:52 am on February 8, 2011

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