The French have just came out with one of the wackiest ideas on how you can enjoy your chocolate and coffee. With Le Whif chocolate you don’t have to chew your chocolate anymore. The product is contained in a small lipstick-sized tube housing up to eight puffs of organic chocolate or coffee particles small enough to be airborne, that you consume by breathing through your mouth.

Lewhif breathable chocolate coffee

Innovative and no doubt gimmicky, Le Whif is an alternative way to enjoy the taste of chocolate without worrying about extra calories. LaboShop, the design and innovation store behind this creation claims that each puff contains less than one calorie.

Getting a quick caffeine does from a tube seems plausible but I’d much prefer to enjoy munching on a chocolate bar even if all that calories would show up on my thighs later.;)

Available at Laboshop in 4 flavors : pure chocolate, raspberry chocolate, mint chocolate and coffee.

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