Dream Ball project - Paper recycled ball
Who would have taught of transforming a first aid box into a soccer ball? Looking like something inspired by a Transformer merchandise, the Dream Ball is actually the brainchild of a Korean company, Uplug Design Studio, whose mission is to make life better for the human race.

The Dream ball project was developed for the children of Third world countries like Tanzania, Congo, Rwanda andĀ  Somalia. Children in these poor nations would typically make a ball out of anything — as long the material creates some sort of projectile when kicked — so why now turn an empty vessel used to contain medical supplies into one?

Make a ball out of first aid box

The Dream Ball is made of a Relife box, which usesĀ  paper that can be recycled and may vary in intensity and elasticity depending on its thickness. Available in both square or cylindrical formats, the containers can be easily disassembled and, by following a few simple instructions, fashioned into a soccer ball.first-aid-box---uplug design studio

Besides football, various sized balls such as baseballs or handballs can also be formed from different first aid boxes. A little bit of fun with a life-saving kit. Life’s a ball, indeed.

Various Ball type - the dream ball project

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