Island Hibiscus flower porcelain cup/saucer set, and spoon, Porcelain tableware Hibiscus flower by Franz Collection, saucer and cup set, teapot

Island Hibiscus Flower Porcelain Collection Set

Franz Collection has produced one of the most beautiful and exquisite sets of porcelain masterpieces I have come across. From cup to sauces, teapots to vases, each piece is intricately sculptured to sheer perfection. The rich vibrant colors used and fine craftsmanship make these works of art worthy of praise and admiration. Surely any of these will be an awe-inspiring addition to the living room.

Shangri-La bird of paradise flower, Porcelain tableware Bird Flowers By Franz Collection, saucer and cup set, teapot

Shangri-La Bird of Paradise Collection

Phoenician Flight bird porcelain by Franz Collection, creamer, vase, cup, saucers and spoon, ornamental tray, teapot, bowl, sugar jar

“Phoenician Flight” Bird Design Collection
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