Emilie Zanon Capouche colorful mens hats with feminine touches

Emilie Zanon has created a truly unique collection of hats called Chapeaux Paris. The collection was inspired by people on the street, always looking for a way to protect themselves, either from the cold, air pollution or noise. You can almost see different personalities surfacing in each of the headwear here.

Emilie Zanon Capouche hat with side ruffles

Emilie Zanon Capouche fur hat with side flaps

Emilie Zanon Capouche stylish black convertible balaclava helmet or ski mask with ruffle trim

Hats aside, the Vert-de-Gris clothes collection, inspired by the gray-green color of oxidized objects, is a delightful exercise in form and texture. Just check out this knitted sweater with “pebble” details. Amazing, isn’t it?

Emilie Zanon clothing collection Vert de Gris pebble jacket

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A Korean design studio LufDesign come out with the idea of combining a dustpan and a dustbin into one hybrid product. It’s imaginatively named DustPan+Bin. By simply turning the contraption 90 degrees, the dust pan is converted into a dust bin and vice versa.

Ludesign korea Dustpan+BinLudesign korea Dustpan and dustbin 2 in 1 product design

While it’s an interesting concept, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Turning the trash can while its filled with rubbish might cause the contents to fall out. Furthermore, the ramp edge has a sudden high incline and not made levelled to the floor so sweeping smaller junk into the pan looks like a challenging task.

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Edward Van Vliet Sushi Collection Juju

Beautiful patterns and gorgeous color combination by Dutch designer Edward Van Vliet for his “Sushi” furniture collection for Italian sofa house Moroso. “The Sushi collection is a sophisticated wrapping concept inspired by universal layers, found also in nature and architecture.”Edward Van Vliet Sushi Collection Joy ball cushions and Joy poufs

Contrasting graphic patterns and colors are used in the design of each item in the collection but together the set looks beautifully cohesive. Wouldn’t mind having one of those donut poufs and joy balls cushions.


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