Petit Plat miniature food replica - rainbow birthday tray - cakes, lollipops, cookies, cupcakes and other sweet treats

You know I have a slight obsession for miniature food. These are from Petit Plat by Stéphanie Kilgast and they really do look good enough to eat! Delightful spread of colorful birthday treats like cake, cookies and lollipop and very realistic lemon, bread and icing reproduction.

Petit Plat miniature food replica - lemon icing egg bread cake

These and mini food earrings (cupcakes dangling on your ears or hot dog pendants, anyone?), necklaces and hair accessories are available at her Etsy shop.

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Believe me, you are not alone in loving tiny food! In fact, I may be a tier above you in that I love ANYTHING tiny! Dishes, shoes, puppies; if its tiny, I find it unstoppably adorable.

Chelsea  at 12:12 pm on March 28, 2010

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