February 27th, 2010

Hard Graft Laptop Bags

2UNFOLD Italian vegetable tanned leather Laptop Bag in brown or grey from Hard Graft

Handsome, masculine range of fine leather and felt laptop bags and MacBook sleeves from Hard Graft. Shown here 2Unfold laptop bag made of 100% Italian vegetable tanned leather. Mmm.. sexy..

Hard Graft sexy, masculine laptop bags and macbook cases and sleeves

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Categories: Wear/Carry 
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Buy bacon and eggs fun adhesive bandages bandaid

How about putting a little bit of breakfast on your boo boo? Wacky Bacon & Eggs Adhesive Bandages. Gotta smile! :)

Bacon strip adhesive bandages bandaid

For those who prefer something sweeter, a pink cupcake or a slice of toast might just do the trick.

Cute and colorful cupcakes adhesive bandages bandaid

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Green tea, chestnut, adzuki red bean, chocolate swirl and marble strawberry danish bread from Grand Marble Japan

Mmmm…these beautiful slices of breads or marble danish are from Grand Marble (in Japanese). From top:  green tea and red bean, chocolate, strawberry/green tea, apple/choco/nut, choco-banana and  black sesame. Nom nom nom nom.

Luxurious breads and pastries from Grand Marble - black sesame seeds, apple, chocolate banana, nuts

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