January 25th, 2010

Pink Princess Bedroom Sets

As a kid, I totally missed out on the Strawberry Shortcake train but if I didn’t, I imagine my dream bedroom would look something like this, full of strawberry prints, red and white polka dots and heart shaped cushions:

Strawberry Shortcake bedroom - cute red and white strawberry print bed sheet set with heart cushion

When I was about 10, I remember the other girls in my class raving about this thing called Strawberry Shortcake. I was too embarrassed to find out more about this popular “dessert”. Just as well. Can you imagine if I were to ask them “does it taste like cake with strawberries and cream on top?”:D

Cute pink princess or hime gyaru bedroom set featuring frilly bed sheet, pink mosquito net and curtainsMajor love for this sweet bedroom set. This orange-rose shade is so, so pretty. I could collapse into this bed right now!
Sweet princess bedroom - light warm coral pink bed sheet set

Sometimes I wonder if I’m compensating for my pink (and Strawberry Shortcake) deprived childhood by featuring so many cute or pink stuff on The Lovely Room.

Cute Princess dream - quilted pink bed sheets and bedroom  set

All these lovely bed sheet sets are from this site (in Japanese).

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Hello~ I would like to know where you found that adorable strawberry bedding?

Sakky  at 9:45 pm on July 23, 2010
All sets are from the Ryu Ryu link at the bottom of the post.

lovelyroom  at 4:37 am on July 27, 2010
is there an english version of the sites you can buy these from?? i would really love to buy the wedding and bathroom sets but I don't know japanese... please help!

Natasha Bita  at 2:18 pm on January 8, 2011
Sorry, at this moment, we have yet to find an English site that supply these.

lovelyroom  at 12:56 pm on January 16, 2011
Is there an English website that sells these sets yet? I would love to buy the pink one in the last picture!! Thank you!!

CubsMommy  at 12:23 pm on March 15, 2012
Would like to buy some bedding from the Ryu Ryu collection. Could we get a catalouge. sent to us. Rosanna Youngblood 202 Nabors Lane Tallassee, Al 36078

Rosanna Youngblood  at 1:39 pm on May 9, 2012

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