November 18th, 2009

Meiji Chocolate New Look

Just finished the last Meiji chocolate bar bought during my Tokyo Trip. When I saw these going for cheap at Donki stores all over Tokyo, I got myself a couple (okay make that a lot) of bars. I may lust constantly for designer chocolate but I’ll take a cheap and good bar o’ choc any day!

The last time I checked, the supermarket near my apartment was still stocking bars bearing the old wordmark with serif typeface, framed by fancy flourishes (see here) but apparently they’ve come up with a new look.

The design looked kinda weird to me at first – the typeface is almost too friendly and cute for my liking. After the nth bar, however, I got used to seeing the new look Meiji, and honestly, I can’t recall how the old one looked like without referring to a picture (short-term memory induced by too much chocolate?).

Meiji Seika chocolate bar - new logo, new lookThe old packaging stood out from the rest of the pack (heh) because of its old school feel but I think the new one does the job equally well. The minimalistic design still stands out from the sea of other candy bars bearing loud colors and busy designs. Do you like the new look?

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