Giving designer chocolate a whole new meaning is Chocolate Research Facility, the brainchild of creative agency Asylum. There are more than 100 fine chocolate flavors available such as Champagne, Espresso, Irish Cream, Tiramisu, Earl Grey and Sichuan Pepper. Not forgetting classic favorites such as dark(61%-76%), milk and white Swiss, German and Belgian chocolates which are also available in sugar-free versions.

Chocolate Research Facility range of fine premium chocolates

The chocolate bars are beautiful presented in a fantastic array of colorful boxes. They look like ready-made chocolate presents, don’t they!

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Hundreds of different flavors of chocolate bars in a chocolate factory for adults

I passed by the chocolate shop at Wheelock Place last week and made a mental note to check it out but totally forgot afterwards! What a bummer! (This may a be a blessing in disguise though, I blew good money on a  gourmet chocolate gift basket once on a crazy candy rampage.)

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