The first time I saw bespoke furniture upholstered with textile designer Helen Amy Murray’s distinct 3-dimensional fabric and leather creations was on a design and lifestyle show some time last year. I saw only part of the program but I remember thinking “that’s one gorgeous piece of home furniture.”

Helen Amy Murray light blue leather nursing chair in peony

I caught a rerun of the show the other day (I think it was called Living etc) that I realized how much work it takes to create these beautiful nature-based and geometric designs. It’s all handmade using her patent-applied method. Check out this bespoke wingback leather chair with large dragon motive. Just stunning!

Helen Amy Murray high sculptural wingback leather chair in Dragons and Flames

I love the floral (peonies, roses, chrysanthemums) motifs the best.

Helen Amy Murray 3D bespoke textiles

Check out her website for more custom luxury furniture designs.

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