Do I need this ice-cream scoop from Cuisipro that scoops neat stacks of cylindrical-shaped ice-cream?
Cuisipro cylindrical icecream scooper

Let’s see, a cylindrical tower of ice cream for my sundae…

Cuisipro Ice Cream Scoop & Stack cylindrical sundae

Yup, I definitely need one of these babies.

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July 27th, 2009

Bunny Rabbits

Rogstyle rabbits (japanese)

Something cute to start the week. I adore these very sweet and  simple handmade bunny creations. Available at Rogstyle (jp).

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Acorn style newspaper-print waxpaper

Do I need a newspaper-print wax paper? No. But why do I want a box of these designed wax paper in Cafe au Lait so badly? Must be the waffle and donut closeup. From here (JP)

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