May 25th, 2009

Mama Republic

Ah, my fascination with fake food continues. These fabric and wood-based goodies from Mama Republic look good enough to eat! Mama Republic Japan educational toy fake food croissant cake


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Normal Design by Ross McBride, Anamorphic cups

Anamorphic cups from Normal Design by Tokyo-based Ross Mcbride. The words on the saucer only become readable when reflected on shiny surface of the cup. Cool eh?

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I’ve written on the sugary sweet (and ridiculously pink) bedroom collection called Romantic Princess last year. I revisited the collection again recently and found a few new favourites from the Princess Room collection.

So perfect for a girl’s room!

Romantic Princess Girl's Bedroom

I like the brown and dusty pink combo.

Romantic Princess Pink + Brown

Nearly devoid of pink but still very feminine.

Romapri Romantic Princess White and Brown

Now I feel like I need to get me a parasol to match this lovely pink umbrella stand! Sidenote: Isn’t the frilly parasol the perfect accessory for a hime gyaru? :)

Romapri Romantic Princess Shoe Rack and Umbrella Stand

From (JP)

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