Tiffany Keys Collection pendant in diamonds and platinum.

I remember sitting across my cousin at a family gathering more than 20 years ago when my uncle noticing the pendant she was wearing, said, “21 years old. Freedom, eh?”

It was a very small gold pendant in the shape of a key and if it wasn’t for that remark, I wouldn’t have noticed it earlier. I was really young then, probably about 7 years old, and didn’t know the significance of turning 21, but that scene was somehow etched into my memory. I found out later that in the girls in my cousin’s family get keys (in one form or another) when they turn reach the age of proper adulthood (agreed to be 21).  Of course a few years later, I realised that this tradition is not at all unique to her family and promised that I will get my own key when I turn 21 (either by hinting profusely to everyone around me or saving enough to buy one myself).

My 21st birthday came and went many years back and I totally forgot about this whole key thing. A few days ago I saw an ad for these Tiffany Keys and oh what a lovely collection!

Tiffany & Co Keys pendant collection

And this particular oval gold key brought back a flood of memories.

Tiffany gold key pendant

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Thank you for sharing your great story! This Tiffany keys are truly lovely and unique. Judit

WineDineTv  at 2:09 pm on September 30, 2010

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