As I was sitting in the candle-lit dimness for Earth Hour last month, I was suddenly taken back to my childhood at my grandma’s. The electric supply to her place was dodgy at best, so she had oil-lamps all over her house. I always had a fascination with the flame and loved watching the performance, a gentle dance of light, so when the lamps were lit, I felt drawn to them. Bugs of all kinds were also attracted to the light, and being terrified of anything with wings (birds and butterflies included unfortunately), I had to admire the show from afar.

I think it would be nice to have a lantern or two around the house. I know, it sounds like an unnecessary addition but my house is full of cats and cats + naked flame = don’t go well together. Okay, okay, I’m just finding a good reason to buy these charming beauties:

De La Maison Amadeus Lanterns

Aged wood metal lanterns from Amadeus Brugges collection from

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