I gave my niece a small purse the other day and she asked me, “what should this go with?”

Little Paul and Joe fashion line for kids, sister women men

I told her that she could pair it with anything she like from her wardrobe.

“But this is cool grey. My wardrobe consists mostly of warm colours.” And no, it wasn’t said in an annoying precocious tone, she was really trying to learn more about colour-matching. This girl, just 7 years of age, has developed an eye for what works and what doesn’t. She avoids pink clothing even though she likes the colour because it doesn’t look good on her (her mother on the other hand is into the girls-should-wear-pink thing). In contrast, I let my mother do all the shopping for me until I was 12!

This lead me to thinking, is having good style really an innate ability? Is this why some people look so effortlessly fashionable while I struggle to maintain a semblance of order.

Were you fashionable as a child? Did your parents/environment influence your style?

Lovin the stylish kids’ line Little by Paul and Joe.

Little Paul and Joe - fashion line for kids

From paulandjoe.com

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Laser-Cut Ivy Vine Cupcake Wrapper Ivory, Paper Orchid StationeryDeliciously-detailed laser-cut cupcake wrappers. I love the white ivy vine one above and the black filigree one below! Both from paperorchidstationery.comFiligree Cupcake Wrapper Black Paper Orchid Stationery

You can purchase this similar white filigree cupcake wrapper here:

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I never gave much thought about trivets, the contraption used to protect kitchen or table surfaces from hot bowls and stuff (which explains why I didn’t even know the proper term for them until only recently!). I have a couple of old (15+ years?) plain stainless steel ones lying around the kitchen and they are in serious need of a replacement. Perhaps something beautiful like this cast iron one from Robert Welch.

Robert Welch cast iron octopus and fish trivet

From www.welch.co.uk.

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