January 12th, 2009

What a Lovely Name

Baby name generator based on qualities at whatalovelyname.com

This lovely website is a baby name generator. It shows you names based on attributes you select from a list, among other methods, and the site design is so much fun!

My, what a lovely name!

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Karel Capek Brownies

Don’t you just love it when a gorgeously illustrated packaging presents you an equally darling content? These Karel Capek brownies sure look happy to meet you.

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My search for a smudge-proof, long-wearing eyeliner has finally ended with the discovery of a red box with the words “1-day tattoo”.

One day tattoo eye and brow liners from K-palette

I was very skeptical at first. I didn’t buy it the first time I saw it last year and instead went for another brand that claimed its eyeliner to be “super long-lasting” and “smudgeproof”. What a disappointment. The super long-lasting liner smudged after 3 hours of wear (hot, humid climate + oily skin=makeup disaster). I decided to give the Japanese-made K-Palette liner a try just a few weeks ago.
K-palette Real Lasting 24h eyeliner and brow liner

And boy did it LAST.  It went from my 9 am appointment, to my 2 o’clock lunch date and then a 5 hour walk about town without nary a smudge. When I finally came home at 11 pm, the lines I drew more than 14 hours before were still intact, almost like… a tattoo? What’s more amazing was the fact that as soon as I took a shower and washed my face, all traces of the liner vanished (the one I got is non-waterproof version). No rubbing or eye makeup remover required.

Applying took a bit of getting use to as the tip is super-fine. These can be found in Japan and at some stores in Singapore (e.g. Isetan Lido, Suntec Watson’s).

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