I unexpectedly spent nearly an hour going through the links at the very fun and colourful Hermès website yesterday. The website is filled with illustration by children book illustrator Alice Charbin.

Hermès accessories, illustration by Alice Charbin

It really does feel like reading a children’s book, except this one is telling a story with expensive scarfs, bags and other accessories.

Hermes gold necklace, illustration by Alice Charbin

If the idea is to get the customer to stay long enough to find something they like, then they succeeded because I left the website with a yearning for an Hermès Offrandes d’un Jour silk twill scarf.

Hermès Offrandes d\'un Jour, silk twill scarf

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oh, i love hermes and their website is really cute

Nay-K  at 5:08 am on October 24, 2008
I followed the hermes site, i love it. especially the red boots!

Mathew  at 1:36 am on November 13, 2008

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