Baggu Reusable Shopping Tote and Pouch

It started with me finding a curiously tiny, pretty purse when I was at the stationery to get some notepads. I thought it was another one of those unnecessary accessory, like a pocket tissue pack case (why on earth do people use these things?) but then I realised that the cute pouches are held a generously-sized reusable Reisenthel Mini Maxi shopping bag! How nifty!

As much as I try to use reusable bags (the stiff types) when shopping for groceries, there were always days when I didn’t have one with me. Well, now I can carry a bag or two in my backpack, handbag or even in my pocket (these bags are very tiny when folded)! And the best thing is, they come in so many cool prints and colours.

This purple one above is from Baggu. Love the colour and how it looks like a normal plastic bag, only cuter! The colourful print Reisenthels below are the ones I fell in love with at the store!

Reisenthel Reusable Eden Shopper/Grocery Tote & Pouch

Floral Stalk Reusable Grocery Bag by Roger La Borde. $8.95 from Amazon.
Floral Stalk - Reusable Grocery Bag by Roger La Borde

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I am actually a fan of these cute reusable shopping bags.

earthlingorgeous  at 4:09 am on September 19, 2008

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