Bath and BodyWorks Sale

Selected items from the prettily packaged Bath & Body Works signature collection is on sale at $5! The semi-annual sale ends Sunday July 6 2008.

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I am very sad that in my country there are not BATH AND BOBY WORKS shops or stores or something....because I adore them...and if someone could just open one small store in Romania would me the best thing ever...

Bianca Luput  at 7:01 am on August 11, 2009
Hi Bianca, maybe you wanna consider buying them online?

lovelyroom  at 2:42 pm on September 4, 2009
yes that it's true I also Adore the products of Bath and it's possible for us to receive and have this products in Romania??an advice please...:(

ramona  at 7:23 pm on July 27, 2012

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