Yogi Tea

Yogi Tea has more than 50 types of pure organic and made with organic herbal and green tea blends. One of my readers swears by the Woman’s Moon Cycle tea for relieving PMS and menstrual cramps. Teas are available for purchase online at Amazon. Free samples are also available from their website.

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Hmmm, Yogi tea is soooo good!

Tizzalicious  at 3:01 am on May 16, 2008
Thanks for the link to the free samples - I'm always looking for a new favorite kind of tea and I can't wait to taste this!

Meaghan  at 7:38 am on May 16, 2008
@Tizz - The boxes looks good too!
@Meaghan - They have a good selection, I'm sure you will be able to find one you like. :)

lovelyroom  at 11:45 am on May 17, 2008
The African Redbush Peach sounds very interesting. Wow, free samples? I love free stuff. Thanks for the link!

White On Rice Couple  at 1:05 am on May 25, 2008
Yay! Hands down, Yogi's Super-Antioxidant Green Tea is my favorite blend ever. Good taste you have!

libelula  at 12:34 pm on June 4, 2008
thank you libelula!

lovelyroom  at 12:43 pm on June 4, 2008

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