Wilton Ice-Cream Cone Cupcake Pan

How cute are these cupcakes disguising as ice-cream cones? (Although “cupcake” here seems to be a bit of a misnomer as these are neither in cups nor cup-sized/shaped) Extra large size Wilton ice-cream cone cupcake pan available at Sur La Table.

Patterns from The Wilton Way of Cake Decorating Volumes One, Two and Three are also available for download at Wilton.com.

Wilton Cake

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I don't know what looks better you or those cupcakes:)You said designer on your blog catalog profile,so I had to check it out.I'm off to check the other but will stumble ya a few times for good measure.I like this design.Not that I'm a critic or anything but I like it:)

John Sullivan  at 1:48 am on May 20, 2008

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