Gayle's Chocolates Daisies

Gayle's Chocolates Shoes

Here’s another Mother’s Day idea – You can’t go wrong with chocolates right? Especially when they come in such beautiful forms like these high-heel shoes and daisy suckers from Gayle’s Chocolates. I really love the brown and pink polka dot shoes. Kinda reminds me of the pink Jessica Simpson or black Naughty Monkey printed pumps from Victoria’s Secret, don’t you think so?

Black Naughty Monkey and Pink Jessica Simpson Polka Dot Printed Pumps from Victoria\'s Secret

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The chocolate and pink polka dotted shoe . Amazing, I can't believe these are chocolates! Is Gaye's chocolates a Japanese company?!?

White On Rice Couple  at 1:10 am on May 25, 2008
my sister wants those white with pink polka dot shoes for her wedding. any idea where you can buy them?

Amber  at 11:52 am on August 31, 2010
I need these shoes! If anyone knows where I can buy them, please email me! atelyce at hotmail dot com.

Angel  at 4:52 pm on February 16, 2011
I would need those shoes white with pink dots for my wedding too, can anybody help me?

Beti  at 2:53 am on February 26, 2013

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