March 31st, 2008

All Kinds of Sweet

Sweet, sweet sugar in various pretty forms from Can À Suc (fr).

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March 25th, 2008

Caramel Apples

Beautiful gourmet caramel apples from Mrs. Prindables.

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Re-ment (Reform The Entertainment) is a Japanese company that manufactures Puchi Petites — scaled miniatures of everyday items. If you’re into dolls, Re-ment miniature replicas would be a great addition to your dolly’s world:

Speaking of dolls, I saw a woman carrying a Volks Super Dollfie (a 1:6 scale ball-jointed doll) in her arms at a bookstore the other day. She treated it like it was her baby, talking and fussing over it. It was… weird. But even if dolls aren’t your thing, there’s no reason why you can’t appreciate the realistic-looking collectibles:

Rement products are not expensive, most selling at 200-400 yen (around USD3), but they are sold in a series of mystery boxes ala trading cards so you may need to buy a few boxes from the same series before you could get the item you want (though it is possible to buy single unboxed items at a higher price). I didn’t know this prior to my trip to Tokyo so when I insisted to a salesgirl there that I wanted item no. 9 on the box she was all “Secret! Secret! All SECRET!!!” LOL

Collections from Re-ment (Japan) site:
Harapeko – Kitchen appliances with animal faces
Petite Mode – Tiny fashion items, costumes and accessories

Collections also available from Re-ment International (English site):
Have A Bite! – Street Food such as crepes, burgers, ice-cream and Japanese snacks
Re-ment Bakery – This collection is no longer available
Elegant Sweets – Tea party essentials like cakes, cookies, chocolates

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