Today is another wonderful day! The weather is perfect (it’s raining- and I simply love it!) and I have the company of a talkative, purring cat on my desk. Everyday is just so much more beautiful now that I’ve chosen to live life with fierce optimism! Yay for me!

Focusing on the things I’m grateful for makes me a happier person. It helps that I have been keeping a list of “Things I’m Thankful For” in my notebook so that I can literally count my blessings everyday. I’m not saying that having this list will help everyone, but it’s definitely worth a try!


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I love this idea - a list of what you are thankful for. I know that I often find myself lost in all "I want this... I want that..." thoughts that I begin to lose focus. Thank you for the inspiration - so simple yet so brilliant!

Brandy  at 1:02 am on August 28, 2007
Yup it's really worth a shot, Brandy :)

Ginger M.  at 4:30 am on August 29, 2007

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