One of my lovely cats had been sick for quite some time.

I watched him go from a strapping ginger tom who prowled the neighbourhood with a regal presence to just a slight shadow of his former self. From terrorising everyone in the house with his fearsome stalking to being a frail cat thoroughly humbled by his growing weakness.

With every dreaded trip to the vet, every bitter pill to he had to swallow, every struggle to live through the day, I cried with him.

When the end finally came last Saturday, I felt a burden being lifted off my shoulders. My dear, dear friend, finally relieved from the pain of his sick body. I cried one last time as I watched him took his final breath — not of sorrow, but of joy that he is finally free. I never thought I would say this about death but his passing was a beautiful, generous gift for both of us.

I miss him terribly but at least I can rest easy in the knowledge that he is now at a better place.

Thank you for your companionship, old friend.

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i'm sorry. it's so hard losing a beloved kitty...

marion  at 6:20 pm on July 20, 2007
I'm so sorry. I have two of my own, and I couldn't imagine.

The Phantom Piccolo  at 3:49 pm on July 22, 2007
Thanks everyone... it's always hard losing a friend you've loved so much, but in this case it is for the better and I'm at peace with it. :)

To phantom piccolo - Cherish every moment you have with your two darlings and don't think about the inevitable too much! :)

Ginger M.  at 12:02 am on July 23, 2007
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The Fragility of Life | Growing Happiness  at 5:59 am on September 3, 2009

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